Roofers Keeping Gutters Clean In Fall

In order to clean the gutters and prepare your roof for the cold season, you have two options: using the services of specialist roofers in Lincoln or doing the work on your own, during a calm and warm weekend day.

Clogged gutters in the cold season will lead to degradation and require major investments in repairs, in the coming years. In order to prevent this situation, keeping your drainage system clean is a must.

Gutters are particularly prone to get clogged in autumn, especially if there is a tree near your home. Fallen leaves are mostly responsible for this situation and they must be removed from the gutters and downspouts. The operation is simple, requiring few tools and 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the roof and your skills/ experience.

Necessary tools for gutter cleaning include a ladder, a shovel, spatula or brush, a drain snake and a garden hose connected to the water network.

Once the gutters are cleaned, you must also deal with downspouts. If they have extensions parallel to the ground, remove them before doing other operations. Then climb up the ladder and use the drain snake to remove leaves deposits and then use the garden hose to ensure that water flows freely.

An alternative to getting rid of this bi-annual task is to install gutter guards that will keep vegetation and dirt away from your roof`s drainage system.