Triple Windows Energy Saving Home Solutions

The harsh, capricious weather in Lincoln, the hot summers and the freezing winters require local homeowners to take special steps to reduce the amount of energy that their home needs to maintain a stable temperature the year around. One of those steps is the replacement of old windows – here is how the decision to get new windows from Home Solutions of Nebraska will increase your home’s energy-efficiency:

  • No gaps around the window – old windows tend to develop tiny, almost invisible gaps between the frame and the wall around the window. The process of installing new windows eliminates such gaps, ensuring that the new windows seal efficiently;
  • Insulating frame materials – modern window frames come in varieties that ensure superior insulation, some through the frame materials, others through the extra insulation added inside the frame;
  • Advanced glass options – unlike old windows that consist of a single sheet of glass, modern windows feature two, three or more panes for more efficient thermal insulation. Modern products are available in variants that fill the space between the panes with inert gas, such as argon, for even more insulation and you can also find windows that feature a special film on the outside to reflect the heat of the sun.