insulated windows for replacement

One of the most important benefits of replacing old windows with new windows is the energy efficiency of your new units. Whatever the style, the type and the condition of your old windows, new units can only be better, providing more efficient insulation and more protection for your home. Here is why and how your Lincoln replacement windows will improve the thermal balance in your home and will reduce your energy bills as well:

  • Better insulation through the frame – modern windows are made from materials that come with a superior R-value in themselves, but window frame manufacturers take that insulation property one step further with some of their products, by adding extra insulation inside the frame;
  • Better insulation through the glass – modern Lincoln replacement windows no longer use a single glass pane like old windows used to. Wherever you look for new windows, the products that you will find are composed of two, three or even more sheets of glass. The higher the number of the panes in the window, the more efficient the insulation provided. The installation capacity of the glass part of the windows can be further enhanced if you choose windows that separate the glass panes with inert gas.