rain gutter spring maintenance roofers repairThe arrival of spring comes with lots of tasks for homeowners, gutter maintenance being among the most important of these home maintenance tasks. Here is how to maintain your gutters to prepare them for the summer:

  • Start with the inspection and cleaning of the roof – the debris from your roof can easily end up in the gutters, therefore the logical order of tasks is roof cleaning first, gutter cleaning next. Pair the roof cleaning with a detailed inspection of the roof to find any faults that need to be addressed. If you find any roof issues, fix them before you move on to work on your gutters;
  • Clean and inspect the gutter pipes – gutter cleaning is a simple task: grab a bucket and a scraping tool, climb up to the roof on a sturdy, secured ladder and scrape out whatever debris you find inside the pipes. While you are working, inspect the pipes inside and outside, check the fasteners and remedy any issue that you find. Continue the process with the downspouts, declogging them and inspecting them for issues. If you find any signs of rust, sagging, cracking and denting, decide whether the pipe section can still be repaired or replacement is the only option. Whatever the selected solution, do not postpone it, get it done right away with roofers in Lincoln.