windows replacement new covered patio

Whether you are looking for replacement windows or windows for your new building, vinyl and wood are the most common options for the frame material. Here are some things to know about the two solutions:

  • Upfront costs – wood and vinyl are very different in terms of the costs related to the raw materials and to the manufacturing process, which accounts for the differences in the finished products, too. While the price of standard-size wood windows ranges between $300 and $800, the price for vinyl windows of the same size is between $150 and $400;
  • Energy-efficiency – both vinyl and wood frames are good insulators. While wood prevents energy exchange on its own, vinyl frames will need a foam filling to be really effective;
  • Installation – the installation techniques are similar for both frame types, but wood is much heavier than vinyl and that makes the installation of wood frames a bit more complicated and more expensive. The average price for installing wood windows is around $200 – $300 per window, while the installation of a vinyl window costs around $150 – $250;
  • Appearance – wood is considered to be an elegant material that confers unique beauty to any building. Vinyl used to be a solution available in limited design options, but that has changed by today and vinyl frames now come in a much wider range of colors and styles for your Lincoln replacement windows project.