winter roof repair preparation maintenance LincolnFor your home to stay safe and comfortable during winter, you need to make sure that your roof is safe and strong. The best way to achieve that reliable strength is through maintenance – here are some tasks to perform before the first snow:

  • Roof cleaning – only a clean roof can perform well and only a clean roof can be thoroughly inspected, so removing any debris that has accumulated on the roof surface and in the gutters is a very important step. You can use a broom on a long stick for the roof and a scraping tool for the gutters or you can use a hose attached to a pressure washer;
  • Thorough inspection – the next step is checking the roof for damage. Have roof repair Lincoln NE inspectors out to inspect the surface inch by inch, paying special attention to the sensitive areas, such as the roof valleys and the flashing around the openings;
  • Repair whatever fault is detected – it is not enough to know about the issues on your roof, you need to get them fixed, too. Hire a roofer for the job – that way, you can be sure that the repairs are performed correctly and you will get warranty on the labor as well.