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The windows are the components of the building envelope that play a very important aesthetic as well as functional role. Being relatively large components, windows are responsible not only for a significant part of the energy exchange between the building interior and the outdoor environment, but also for how much sound penetrates your space from the outside. Here is how modern windows make your home a quitter place:

  • Sound insulation through the frame – modern window frames are made from materials that prevent a lot of the noise coming from outside from penetrating your home. Whether your new windows use vinyl, PVC, aluminum or wood frames, the modern technologies used for manufacturing the frames ensure superior sound insulation properties;
  • Sound insulation through the panes – modern windows use multiple panes – double-glazed windows are the most common, but windows that use three, four or even five panes are also available. The more panes are used in the window, the more efficient the window is when it comes to blocking out sound and modern windows can further improve sound insulation through the gases used for separating the panes;
  • Coating the exterior – there are many types of film coatings that can be applied on the outermost surface of the window to includes the properties of window, sound insulation included.  Be sure to research and find what the newest window products offer at