Roofing And Siding Home Solutions

With urban heating and global warming getting more and more prevalent, we are experiencing temperatures that are overall much higher in the summer than in past years and decades. This applies especially in urban areas, where a lot of homeowners and businesses have already adopted a new approach of replacing dark roofs with white roofs in an effort to keep their buildings cooler.


But do white roofs actually work in keeping roofs cooler? Studies indicate that the answer is a positive “yes,” however, the difference is typically quite minimal. What most experts suggest is that the color of the roof isn’t necessarily what keeps most of the heat out of your home. Even though it accounts for about a 2-degree difference, what makes a greater difference is the presence of some type of coating, reflective paint or cool roof design that reflects not only visible light but the sun’s UV radiation as well.


Harmful UV rays are mostly what’s responsible for keeping our homes warm in the summer. So it’s not the same to use a wooden roof painted white or a metal roof of the same color. The metal roof will use the advantages of the white paint, while also adding its own reflective properties to the mix in keeping a large portion of the heat coming from the sun away from your home.  For more home options, see Home Solutions of Nebraska.