contractors who paint home siding solutions

If your siding has become worn and faded, you might feel tempted to refresh its looks with some paint. While some materials can be painted, with others, painting might not be the best solution. Here are some things that you should know about siding painting:

  • Materials that can and should be painted – wood, metal, masonry and stucco siding can be easily and efficiently painted. The process should involve the removal of any residues of old paint, followed by priming or, if the paint does not require the use of a primer, the application of the paint. The durability of the new paint as well as of the siding itself can be further enhanced if you also use a protective coating product;
  • Vinyl siding – some siding contractors Lincoln NE experts recommend painting as a way to refresh the appearance of vinyl siding, while others say that it is not the best decision for the material. The paints suitable for being applied on vinyl might not last more than a couple of years and most manufacturers of vinyl siding do not approve of repainting, so the building owners who decide to change or to refresh the color of their vinyl siding panels might lose the manufacturer’s warranty on their siding.