Home Exterior Winter Maintenance Company

Homeowners have a lot to do to prepare their home for the winter as well as to maintain their building safe and functional during the winter. Here are some essential tasks:

  • Weatherproofing the doors and the windows – check your exterior doors and windows as well as the wall and floor areas around them to detect any crack or hole through which heat can escape from your building interior. Seal any crack or hole with some caulk or with other, suitable methods, such as the application of rubber foam door sealing strips or silicone door and window sealant;
  • Get your chimneys cleaned – this task is essential for the safety of your entire household, so call a professional chimney sweeper to do it;
  • Regularly inspect your roof and your gutters and clean them whenever necessary – debris can accumulate on your roof as well as in the gutters, clogging the pipes and compromising their performance and snow can also accumulate, causing stress to your building envelope. Check the roof and the gutters every couple of weeks and remove any debris and excess snow to relieve your building envelope;
  • Keep the pathways and the driveways clean – go out after each period of heavy snowing and use a broom or a shovel to move the snow from your paths and driveways to the sides.

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