home solutions siding facade yellow doorExtremely popular, siding is one of the most comfortable and practical alternatives to a building façade. Besides protecting the house from the elements (rain, wind etc.), siding is preferred by an increasing number of homeowners, due to its decorative qualities. The relatively easy installation and the affordable price have contributed to the popularization of this type of exterior finish.

If vinyl siding does not change its appearance over time, the same cannot be said about wooden siding, which is prone to fading and discoloration, because of prolonged exposure to the elements.

Wood siding is manufactured by pressing wood chips and resins at high temperatures. Although ecological, it is not so popular anymore, mostly because of the periodic maintenance operations it requires but also due to the significantly higher price compared to other types of siding.

The main advantage is the unmatched look that natural materials such as wood offer, but in the absence of proper maintenance, wood siding will lose its beauty soon enough, providing a worn out aspect to the whole house.

Furthermore, the protective layer of paint will eventually chip, making the caulked seams around windows and doors to fail in keeping out moisture. This way, water can seep in and start the rotting process. Siding fading and discoloration is a problem that can be solved by periodic cleaning, painting or varnishing, which also prevents rot and insect attack.  Hire professional siding company such as https://homesolutionsofnebraska.com/siding/ that provides quality exterior home services.