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The most common weather events associated with roof damage are violent events, such as storms, but they are not the only phenomena that can damage your roof – more silent phenomena, such as snow and ice build-ups can also harm your roof. Here is why a thick snow blanket or the icicles that develop at the edge of the roof can be harmful, too:

  • Excess weight – water is heavier when frozen, so both snow and ice are much heavier than water in liquid form. The weight that snow and ice add to your roof can drag down the roof edge, the gutter pipes and in severe cases, they might also cause the roof to collapse;
  • Water damage caused by freeze and thaw cycles – when the temperature rises during winter days, the snow and ice on your roof might melt and the resulting water can penetrate the deeper layers of the roof through pre-existing cracks and holes. When the temperature drops to below freezing later during the day, the water freezes again. As the water is freezing, it expands and causes the cracks and holes on the roof to enlarge, increasing the risk of water damage in the attic or in the rooms at the top level of the building.  Don’t let that happen have routine roofing companies Lincoln NE has inspect your roof, and keep it strong.