protecting home siding roof exteriorWater damage is among the most common forms of damage sustained by buildings, a type of issue that is not necessarily related to seasonal changes and can be caused not only by natural causes, such as floods, heavy rain or snow, but also by accidents, such a burst pipes or fires that are extinguished with large quantities of water. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to minimize the risk of water damage in your home – here are some:

  • Maintain the building envelope – the roof on your building, the gutter pipes that make up the drainage system and the siding panels that cover your exterior all need to be inspected, cleaned and, if necessary, repaired at least every six months. Maintenance from siding Lincoln NE specialists is essential for detecting any problem in incipient phase and to ensure the continuous good performance of your building;
  • Protect your pipes – water expands while freezing, so your water and sewage pipes might burst when they are exposed to freezing temperatures. Prevent any inundation caused by burst pipes by removing water from the pipes that run outdoor and by wrapping exposed pipes into rags or by insulating them with foam or other material;
  • Check your sump pump – if you have a sump pimp in your basement, check it regularly to ensure it is fully operational at all time.