Home Roof Solutions Roof Leak RepairsThe entire structure of a home must be resilient, and all building materials must have superior features in terms of quality, durability and reliability.

Even when we have a newly installed roofing system and we are convinced that we have made the best choice, there are situations in which, we may experience damage or certain defects, which may occur at the level of the structure, the coating system or the accessories used.

Problems with waterproofing generate water leaks, moisture and mold, which favors the decay of the resistance structure and, in extreme situations, roof falling. The materials from which the roof covers are made of can also be damaged because of various reasons: old age of the roof, wear and tear, improper roof exploitation, lack of maintenance, extreme weather and more – especially if the chosen materials are low quality or improperly installed. In these cases, water infiltration may occur at the upper level of the house, as well as the appearance of mold and mildew, weakening the structure of the house, decreasing the insulation efficiency, and creating an unsightly exterior appearance of the roof.

Also, water leaks can appear when the pluvial system is not functioning properly, due to joints or clamping problems, corrosion, or simply because gutters and downspouts are clogged with debris.

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