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If you have recently started to browse siding products to find the best fit for your home, you are probably overwhelmed by the wide range of materials available. To make the choice easier for you, here are some of the greatest siding Lincoln NE material options for you:

  • Vinyl siding – the synthetic material is currently the most affordable option and it also offers other great benefits, such as resistance to the elements, durability of about 20-30 years, recyclability, easy installation and low maintenance needs;
  • Metal siding – whether made from aluminum or steel, metal siding panels offer durability of about 30-50 years, very good weather-resistance, easy installation and maintenance and recyclability. The material is still on the affordable end of the price range and it can also be freely repainted any time, to any color;
  • Wood siding – the natural material is among the most expensive and most sensitive options, but the beauty of natural wood panels is second to none. If properly maintained through inspections, cleaning and care with protective coatings, the material can last for over 50 years;
  • Brick and stone – these natural materials are also quite expensive, but they are very resistant, they can last for over 70 years and they are very easy to repair and to repaint.