Roof repair winter lincoln home

Winters are harsh on roofs, causing them stress in many ways – here are some of the most common seasonal roofing problems that can lead to the development of leaks and the need for roof repair Lincoln NE area:

  • Ice dams – the long icicles that you see at the edge of roofs, usually hanging from the gutters, are caused by energy exchange. When the warm air in your rooms meets no obstacle at the level of the attic because there is no insulation to stop it, it rises to the roof and melts the layer of snow that is in direct contact with the roof surface. That melted snow runs down on the roof slope and freezes again by the time it reaches to roof edge, turning into ice dams. Icicles are dangerous because they are very heavy and they can drag down the gutters as well as the roof edge;
  • Roof sagging – if the layer of snow that accumulates on the roof is too thick, the heavy blanket can press hard on the roof surface as well as on the roof’s support structure and might cause the roof to sag;
  • Storm damage – snowstorms are not uncommon and when they occur, they are usually associated with strong winds that can lift the roofing surface and damage roofing components.