roofing companies roof anatomy basic functionsThe two most important roles that roofs must fulfill are protection from the elements and aesthetics. Here are some details about these functions:

  • The protective role – the roof is the topmost layer on any building, the layer that prevents rain, snow, debris, the heat of the sun and the cold of winter from penetrating the building. The window also protects the interior comfort offered by the building by preventing the heat from inside the rooms to leave the building through the roof as well as by preventing the formation of condensation inside the construction;
  • The aesthetic role – the roof is an integral part of the building envelope, therefore its design is an integral part of the building design. The shape, the size, the texture and the color of the roofing materials on a building can make or break curb appeal – if the style of the roof is chosen to match the overall style of the building, the result will be a property that is welcoming and pleasing to the eye. However, the roof design is not right for the design solutions featured on the walls, the result will be an inconsistent appearance that is not very pleasant to look at.  When looking for really good roofing companies Lincoln NE hosts it’s important to be informed about what all is involved with the installation of a quality roof and asking questions.