best siding products durable curb appealWhen shopping for siding, one of the most important factors to drive your decision beside style, cost and maintenance needs, should be durability. The longevity of your siding is important because it determines the other features as well – panels that are not durable enough will lose their good looks soon and they will also require premature replacement, which will increase the related overall costs. Here is a short overview of the lifespan of the most common siding types:


  • Brick and stone – these two options are surely expensive, but they can both provide protection that lasts for 100 years;
  • Stucco – this attractive option is also very durable, offering longevity of around half a century;
  • Wood – the natural material is popular for its unique, classic appearance as well as for its durability of around 100 years. The material needs regular maintenance to be able to serve you well, so before you choose wood, weigh that aspect, too;
  • Fiber cement – the material is resistant to pests, fire and excessive moisture and can last for the lifetime of the building it is installed on;
  • Vinyl – the cheapest siding material is resistant to moisture, insects, winds and wide temperature variations, but it is sensitive to impact. If maintained properly, vinyl panels can last for over 20 years.  Take a look at some of your siding options