roofing hail damage contractor inspectionIf you suspect hail damage, it’s important to take certain measures as quickly as possible. Failing to do so could lead you to spend more time, effort and money on trying to fix your roof later on, while also leading to complications that an inexperienced team of roofers won’t be able to handle. In other words, your labor costs would go up as well – one way or the other.


The first thing you can do if you suspect your roof has suffered hail damage is to perform a visual examination. In most cases, climbing a ladder and examining your roof closely will show that there are damaged, dented or missing shingles, or that the flashing was damaged – which usually accounts for leaks. After seeing the damage, it’s also important to evaluate whether or not your roof is actually leaking. You can use small amounts of water to check, if you haven’t already experienced the leaks during rainfall. Also, make sure you check the integrity of your gutter system, as chances are that the hail may have dislodged or damaged it in some way as well.


If you’re confident that the hail damage could lead to water damage over time, contact your local roofing contractor Lincoln NE has ASAP, and have them inspect your roof and decide on a course of action. Time may be of the essence, as the alternative would be that your roof could be severely damaged by an upcoming storm.