What's New Roofers Roofing SolutionsLike any other part of construction, roofing design is strongly influenced by industry trends as well as by new technologies – here are some of the latest materials and construction solutions that roofers in Lincoln use in 2020:

  • Synthetic materials – the latest synthetic materials are made from rubber and plastics and they offer extraordinary qualities, such as longevity of around half a century, superior resistance to pests, fire, water and impact. Most of these great, modern materials are also very affordable and they come in a multitude of different colors and styles;
  • Solar tiles and shingles – the latest solar panels are much more attractive than they used to be when they were invented and they come in smaller and larger sizes as well;
  • Cool roofing materials – these materials come with superior reflective properties and they are suitable for being used on flat, low-sloping and steep roofs as well. The solutions prolong the lifespan of the entire roof by preventing overheating and they also reduce the building’s cooling-related energy needs;
  • Green roofs – creating roofing surfaces covered in vegetation requires special drainage and regular care for the plants, but green roofs improve the building’s energy efficiency as well as the quality of the air inside and around the building.