Gutters Downspouts Roofing Companies

The gutters and downspouts that are installed around your roof are essential components for maintaining the safety, the durability and the resistance of your entire building, from the roof all the way down to the foundation. The gutter pipes and the downspouts attached to them collect the water that pours down on the side of the roof and direct that water into the ground. If the gutters become damaged or clogged and they no longer can fulfil their role of diverting water, the problem can lead to the appearance of many other issues as well – here are some:

  • The appearance of rot and mildew – both issues are caused by a fungus that proliferates in excessively moist environments. When the gutters and the downspouts cannot collect and divert rain and melted snow, the water will soak the walls and will make its way to the basement, creating exactly the environment that the fungus need to grow and to spread;
  • Roof damage – if the water that runs down on the roof slopes is not drained, the process will inevitably lead to water ponding on the roof. Most roofing materials are sensitive to the prolonged presence of water and will get weakened if the water does not leave their surface quickly, becoming more prone to developing cracks and leaks.  For help, find one of the roofing companies Lincoln NE has that specializes in roofing and gutter systems.